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Repointing in Maidstone - 16th March 2015

Repointing may look easy to the eye but it actually requires a great deal of skill. It can also prove to be a rather time-consuming task, and it takes experience to get the professional finish seen on most jobs. A professional finish is what you want when it comes to repointing. A poor finish can even leave the exterior of the property looking worse than it did before.

The mortar used in the original construction of a building will inevitably disintegrate and deteriorate over time, and the need for repointing will occur. If a wall has been constructed properly, it should remain in good condition for the best part of 100 years before any repointing work should need to take place, though the need for repointing can be precipitated by other factors.

For any property owner in search of a contractor to carry out repointing work you want to know that the contractors you hire will carry out the repointing work properly. Here at Ashford Pointing Specialists we offer a professional repointing service at an affordable cost. For quality and economy, look to Ashford Pointing Specialists. We provide professional repointing services in Maidstone and across Kent.


The Best Pointing Company in Folkestone - 16th February 2015

Does the exterior of your home need some restoration work? Is your building crying out for some repointing work? Pointing is a specialist skill, one that requires practice and experience. Pointing is an important aspect in the construction of a building as it helps to keep the brickwork healthy and prevents water from getting into the building.

There is, however, a great deal of difference between quality pointing and bad pointing work. If pointing is done correctly then the brickwork will shine, the exterior aesthetic of the building will be enhanced, and the building will be functional. Good pointing will instantly add value to a property, while poor pointing work can devalue the property, making the brickwork look shoddy and slapdash.

Over time, the need for repointing work is inevitable, and if you’re looking for the best pointing company in Folkestone, Ashford Pointing Specialists can take care of all your pointing needs. With years of experience in the industry, we can find the right pointing solution for your property. 


The Best Pointing Company in Dover - 2nd February 2015

Is your home or place of business in need of a little maintenance work? From repointing to fixing leaking gutters to following through on major renovations, property maintenance is always an ongoing process.

Whether maintenance work needs to be carried out on the exterior of your building or the interior, it can often feel like there’s always something going wrong or something that needs repairing, but every property needs to be maintained otherwise it will fall into a state of disrepair, and sooner than you think. Maintenance work not only keeps your property functioning properly and structurally sound but it also adds instant value and appeal to the site.

If the mortar joints in your brickwork are aging, cracking or disintegrating then you’ll need to enlist the services of a pointing company. Ashford Pointing Specialists is one of the best pointing companies in Dover, providing repointing services to clients throughout this area and further afield. We can meet all your property maintenance needs, and you can rely on us to work to your schedule with minimal hassle and with as little disruption to you and your home life as possible. 


Repointing Specialists in Isle of Sheppey - 19th January 2015

You may need to have your property repointed for a number of reasons: to prevent damp from getting into your property, to improve the external appearance of your property, or to enhance the character of your property. Repointing specialists will be able to revitalise and lift the appearance of your property, increasing its market value and giving it an instant facelift.

Buildings inevitably suffer weathering and decay as the years go by, causing gaps to form between masonry units or brickwork. If this occurs, water can enter the property, leading to problems with internal damp. Damp, if left, can spread and ultimately ruin part of the interior of your property, making it a more costly issue to fix. As with many property maintenance issues, the sooner you deal with an issue or appoint a professional to solve it, the better, as it will save you money in the long run.

Repointing specialists can restore your brickwork and the external structure of your house, often solving many other problems in the process, including any structural concerns, while helping to conserve the property. Repointing specialists on the Isle of Sheppey can be found in Ashford Pointing Specialists. The work we carry out is done using a professional gun pointing system and the dust extraction system to ensure the work is carried out properly and efficiently.


Are you looking for repointing specialists Folkestone? - 5th January 2015

The strength of a building’s structure can be greatly improved by repointing, and yet it’s something property owners don’t pay much attention to unless their property suffers internal damp, for example. The need for repointing will probably be contributing to any internal damp, though an inspection prior to work will ascertain the cause.

Are you looking for someone to repoint your external brickwork?

It’s important to find a good building contractor to carry out the work, and it should be someone with solid experience in repointing. Walls that are built correctly at first will survive for longer without needing repointing. If a wall is poorly constructed when first built then it will probably need repointing work more quickly. But over time, a need for repointing will eventually occur.

If you are looking for repointing specialists in Folkestone, Ashford Pointing Specialists are experienced and equipped to solve any problems concerning external brickwork. Offering services to both commercial and residential clients, we can deliver both patch pointing and full scale repointing as well as expert repointing advice. Quality repointing work will transform the exterior of your property, improving its structure and structural appearance and making it water-tight. 


Repointing Specialists Folkestone - 29th December 2014

The importance of repointing can sometimes be overlooked, yet it is perhaps the most significant element to maintaining your building and enhancing its appearance. Repointing will fully waterproof the building and strengthen its structure, and as well as increasing the value of the building and making it more efficient, repointing is a means of conservation. Repointing replaces the old mortar with new mortar, improving both the structure and appearance of the building instantly, and prolonging its life.

If your building needs repointing work, it’s best to hire the services of repointing specialists who are skilled at carrying out this type of work. A good job will be money well spent as you’ll be adding value to the building and helping to prevent other issues from occurring, such as damp inside the building. If pointing is not done properly to begin with, this will reduce the performance of the structure, leaving you with numerous problems.

If you’re looking for repointing specialists in Folkestone, Ashford Pointing Specialists are ideally-placed to repoint and improve your property. As repointing specialists we have the experience and the equipment to carry out any work you require.


Pointing Ashford Kent - 8th December 2014

Older masonry buildings, whether they’re made of stone, brick, concrete, or even lime blocks, will eventually start to show signs of wear. It is inevitable that over time, the mortar between the bricks will begin to disintegrate and age. 

It is a common misconception that mortar is meant to keep the bricks stuck together, instead it’s purpose is to actually keep them apart! When this mortar starts to show signs of weathering due to the effects of time and nature, it’s time to get ahead of any real damage and hire a specialist in repointing. There are some jobs in life that are best left to the professionals. It’s important to hire a trained professional instead of trying chancing your hand at pointing.

If you’re based nearby and are looking for an estimate for pointing in Ashford, Kent, Ashford Pointing Specialists can assist you in assessing a building’s mortar situation and accurately diagnosing the most efficient and effective repair techniques. They take the guesswork out of choosing when and how to repair the mortar within ageing buildings. Their specialists are trained in making the repointing job as aesthetically appealing as possible, getting the job done in the least amount of time while using the best and most professional materials necessary. Ashford Pointing Specialists are the go to company in Kent for repairing buildings through professional repointing facelifts that will add years to the lifespan of any building.


Repointing Specialists Folkestone - 1st December 2014

Repointing involves renewing the pointing in between the bricks or the stone used to build your house. Repointing is an important element in maintaining the health of a wall and in improving the overall look and appearance of a building. Repointing can help to stabilize the walls, extend the life of the bricks or stonework and prevent water from getting in.

A clean and tidy front of house makes all the difference. It adds value and character, enhances the aesthetic quality and maximises your return in investment. Restoring and maintaining your home’s external features will not only improve the appearance of your house but you’ll be increasing the market value of the property and ensuring your home is properly waterproofed – any water getting in would undoubtedly cause a lot of costly and complicated problems.

For repointing specialists in Folkestone, look to Ashford Pointing Specialists. We offer expertise and experience in stone, brick and lime repointing, finding a cost effective solution to meet any problems you may be having with the pointing.